Welcome to the Billingshurst Community Ukulele Jam

We’re meeting twice a month!
Two sessions, two themes!
When we meet on the second Wednesday of the month, we’ll carry on with our round-robin, so everyone gets to pick a song from our songbook. That doesn’t change!
When we add new songs, we’ll run through them to get people more familiar with them.
On the fourth Wednesday of the month, we'll look at the current songbook and run through a couple of the existing songs and get them looking and sounding right. Also, if you have a song that you want to share, print off a few copies, bring them along and we can learn it from you. It might end up in our next set of songs.
We now have a scanned book of songs from B2, so please have a look on our Songbook page.

Upcoming jams...

We’re still meeting at 19:30 in the restaurant of the Six Bells in Billingshurst.
Whatever your ability, you will be made very welcome.
We don’t take ourselves too seriously and aim to make our evenings enjoyable and inclusive.